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website-dir (directory) index.php page1.php page2.php css (directory) style.css html (directory) Creating Simple ASP Pages. 06/16/2017. 15 minutes to read. In this article. An Active Server Pages (ASP) file is a text file with the extension .asp that contains any combination of the following: text, HTML tags, and server-side scripts in an COM-compliant scripting language such as Microsoft VBScript?. Simple step-by-step tutorial with images. Do you want to create a simple HTML website? If yes, read this complete and easy to understand guide on HTML. If you know nothing about website creating and starting just now, it should take about one week time HTML form code examples, all the information you need to create your own forms easily. Create simple HTML webpage but? Creating html on my webpage for profiles? - Creating simple web page and some basic tags.

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Create a Basic Webpage with CSS and JavaScript - 28 Feb 2018 In this tutorial we will create a website with a basic index.html file and add Then we added a